Once Again Its On…

OvagroundUndaCARDFront (2760 x 1656)

Ohhhh yeah playboy…you betta act like you know homey.

It’s been a long time…we shouldn’t have left you, without a dope blog to check fool.

Yessur…we are back. ThaOvaground.com…the Ovaground Undaground SounDZ crew is BACK!!!!

Yeah, we had to take a LONG hiatus but we are back with MORE exclusives, MORE music and MORE articles to give you what the OTHER guys ain’t…that REAL STREET OVAGROUND UNDAGROUND SOUNDZ vibe and flow.

So, we are back. Sorry we stayed away so long but this time…we are here to stay.


P.S. For all you nostagic mugs out there…the old site is still up…just not updated. You can check out some of our old articles for the time being HERE: thaovaground.blogspot.com while we finish the transition over.