Yo Gotti’s $6.6 Million Dollar Judgement for Skipping Out On Verse/ A Retrospective [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE]


Memphis rapper Yo Gotti is in the news and its not for the reasons many may think. This story involves a underground rapper, a major rapper and $20,000 rap verse. 

According to TMZ.com, Yo Gotti was approached by Winston-Salem, North Carolina rapper Young Fletcher to do a verse for him on a song in 2016. Reports state that Young Fletcher paid Yo Gotti $20,000 for the verse.

The problem is: Yo Gotti never did the verse and kept the money. Also, to add insult to injury, Gotti reportedly never returned the $20,000 upfront payment for said verse.

Now, Yo Gotti is no stranger to accusations of skipping out on verses or stealing songs outright. Back in 2012, Gotti was accused of stealing the track “28 Bars” from producer  Eric Dion Flemming that named Gotti and videographer Jordan Tower of then Jordan Tower Films.

But one of the biggest accusations in Gotti’s career was the song “Memphis Walk” off of his crtically-acclaimed Gangsta Grillz-helmed mixtape “I Told You So”. The original song “Memphis Walk” was by artist Miscellaneous. Miscellaneous‘ “Memphis Walk” song was buzzing throughout the Mid-South and the South before Yo Gotti. It was so much talk about this track that it eventually bled into the streets but was eventually settled between both parties.

yo gotti i told you so

But this latest lawsuit is especially interesting because of the final outcome. Yo Gotti was served this latest lawsuit while on stage and ignored the summons.

Also, reports state that instead of paying back the initial $20,000, Yo Gotti tried to sign Young Fletcher to a $150,000 record deal possibly to wrestle him away from his current management and partly to cover the original payment.

But, with all of that…the accusations did not stop from Young Fletcher’s camp. They are also stating that Gotti took the song that was sent to him and did another version of the song without crediting Fletcher.

Well today, a North Carolina judge awarded Young Fletcher $2.2 million dollars and then TRIPLED the settlement because the same judge found “willful, unfair, and deceptive acts” within the case.

Young Fletcher’s management is threatening to come after Gotti’s assets to satisfy this potential settlement which begs the question: do you think Gotti regrets not doing that simple 16-bar verse for this independent artist?

Stay tuned.




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