Black Fridai- Dust Settles feat. Rosevelt & C-Nice [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE] [NEW MUSIC VIDEO]

The Black Fridai crew has a VERY storied history in the city of Los Angeles, California. Some would say that they are a LARGE part of the reason that Los Angeles is BACK on the top of the Hip Hop charts by way of YG, Kendrick Lamar and the late Nipsey Hussle. 

They fought for the local radio stations in the city, specifically Power 106 FM to play local artists at a time when Los Angeles artists actually getting played on Los Angeles radio was an anomaly.

But, all that is in the past now as we are proud to present the latest single from Black Fridai’s own Rosevelt & C- Nice titled “Dust Settles“.

Word is that they are gearing up for a new EP but while we wait for that, this banging single should hold you over. Check it out ASAP.

Also, for the ones that wanted to see the movement that Black Fridai started almost 10 years ago, check the video out below.


Black Friday- Dust Settles [STREAMING LINK]




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