“I done got rich off of EDD”

As the news stories keep popping up over unemployment checks, stimulus checks, EDD scams and misappropriated funds, some folks in hood haven’t gotten the motto yet. In Memphis, even during a pandemic folks are making a way out of no way. Some figure, if corporations can get millions of dollars from the government, why can’t they?

Memphis artists Nuke Bizzle & Fat Wizza are DEFINITELY on that wave and they are burning up the internets with their latest track EDD. It is currently moving towards 350k views on Youtube as we speak.

The song has even been featured on Fox News so you KNOW its about to blow up. Very, very soon.

Check this bumpin track & video out ASAP and make sure ya’ll file your unemployment claims. Correctly.


P.S. Bizzle & Wizza GOT another fiyah video poppin titled “Rocks In My Sock“….check that out too!!!!


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