A. Levy- float [ovaground exclusive] [new music]

I represent the 500 and 4…

The lyric above is self-explanatory to those who are familiar with the New Orleans’ wordsmith A. Levy, who is closing out the last quarter of 2021 with a fire new track titled “Float“.

Even while most of the country is experiencing winter weather, A. Levy is hitting back with a smooth track that sonically feels like you need to grab a drink and throw an umbrella in it.

But, don’t get too caught up in the hypnotizing beat though, Float is on one hand a hit but on the other hand, a lyrical introspective track that has Levy spitting CRAZY punchlines all while harmonizing vocals on the chorus.

This track is CERTIFIED and you should check it out ASAP. The streaming numbers are already heavy as we speak…so don’t let this track pass you by!!!



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