D. Francis- the save point [ovaground exclusive] [new music]

Tygah Woods’ affiliate New Orleans’ lyricist D. Francis is back rejuvenated from these pandemic times and used his time quarantined as inspiration from his favorite pasttime: playing video games.

Now, we all remember the golden era of gaming but Francis is taking that vibe to the next level with his latest project titled The Save Point.

Here’s some words from D. Francis himself about the project:

Welcome to “The Save Point” the only hip hop LP I’ve ever wanted to make. Enjoy this nerdcore video game walk through hip hop featuring Rayzzor, Lyrikill, Morris Colossus, and back together for a track Tygah Woods! Vibe out to some of my favorite NES tracks remixed by Metanite, emDee, Quest, and myself. So sit back, just vibe, and constantly relive and rewind this nerdcore dopeness….. PEACE!!!

Dope indeed.

Check out the project links below!!!



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