Alfred banks- the range 2 [ovaground exclusive] [new music]

New Orleans emcee Alfred Banks is not only CURRENTLY touring the country but he has found time to continue to drop dope music in between his tours.

Coming off of his critically-acclaimed EP, The Range that was released the end of 2021….Alfred is coming back with ANOTHER project titled The Range 2.

These projects are in Alfred’s words used to show his RANGE in writing, rapping and overall performing. And when he says RANGE, expect everything from him spitting effortless top-shelf bars to him crooning on a few tracks.

The project is available on all streaming platforms but per Alfred’s request, he would like if you really want to support him (i.e PURCHASE his music where he gets more than 1/2 of cent per stream), hit up his Bandcamp.

Download it now and fall into the RANGE!!!



Bandcamp (HE’LL PREFER YOU HERE!!!!):


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