L’Daialogue- Moor chemistry (produced by blaze the verbal chemist) [ovaground exclusive] [new music]

L’Daialogue x Blaze The Verbal Chemist have been receiving rave reviews from their latest project but that isn’t enough for them. They definitely want more. No, correction…they want MOOR!

Immediately bouncing back from their “ThermoDAInamic Chemistry” project is ANOTHER project by L’Daialogue x Blaze The Verbal Chemist entitled “MOOR Chemistry“.

Moor Chemistry is another audio journey with Blaze the Verbal Chemist on production taking you through Memphis, Tennessee and back through New Orleans, Louisiana and all sides in between. This project features High Ruler King Cane, J-Dubble, Mr. J’ai and more with exclusive production by Blaze The Verbal Chemist.

With cuts like “Nuance (Remix)” featuring J-Dubble & Mr. J’ai, “I See U Missed It (Remix)” featuring Blaze The Verbal Chemist on the raps & the underground hit “Turnin Dem Keyz (Money & Choppaz)” featuring High Ruler King Cane… this project is the perfect complement to ThermoDAInamic Chemistry fasho!

Check the project out below and vibe out mane.


Moor Chemistry Deluxe Edition (side b)


  1. Moor Chemistry Interlude (feat. High Ruler King Cane)
  2. Fais Do-Do
  3. But It’s The Other Way (feat. J-Dubble & Mr. J’ai)
  4. Beale Street Bourbon Street Interlude
  5. Nuanced (Remix) (feat. J-Dubble & Mr. J’ai)
  6. Helium
  7. Turnin Dem Keyz (Money & Choppaz) (feat. High Ruler King Cane)
  8. I See U Missed It (Remix) (feat. Blaze The Verbal Chemist)*

All Tracks are Produced ENTIRELY by Blaze the Verbal Chemist for Beautiful
Chemistry Music (ASCAP)

All Tracks are Mixed & Arranged by L’Daialogue DiCaprio & MiZUnderstatistic for
Affillieated Vischunz/DRDP Productions & Ovaground Undaground SounDZ

Special thanks to D. Francis, Mr. J’ai, J-Dubble & High Ruler King Cane (2DEEP)

This album was recorded between Memphis, Tennessee…New Orleans, Louisiana
& Los Angeles, California at Dai’s Studio.

Moor Chemistry mane!

All Rights Reserved (c) 2022

DOWNLOAD LINKS (More links will be added soon as they are come in):






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