L’Daialogue- ode 2 tygah woods (incomplete) [ovaground exclusive] [new video]

Check out L’Daialogue’s LATEST visual from his Blaze The Verbal Chemist’ assisted track titled “Ode 2 Tygah Woods (Incomplete)” off of his critically-acclaimed 2022 project ThermoDAInamic Chemistry.

This song is an ode to one of the dopest rap collectives coming out of New Orleans’ called Tygah Woods which includes Mr. J’ai, J-Dubble, D Francis, Slangston Hughes, Blaze The Verbal Chemist, Wes Beez, Rusty Lowdown, Coke LaGrande and DJ Mike Swift amongst other affiliates.

RIP to Psychoward DJ’s own DJ Wop who helmed many parties and open mics that L’Daialogue participated in during his time in New Orleans.

Check out this visual and vibe out mane.




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