Slangston Hughes- Innocent (feat. Knox Ketchum) [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE] [NEW MUSIC]

slangston hughes 1

Slangston Hughes of the legendary Tygah Woods collective is sparking off Summer 2018 with some new music. The title of his latest track is “Innocent” featuring Knox Ketchum which is powerful considering the political climate that we are living in today. 

Slangston adds, “A song for the John Bunns, Lena Bakers, Jerome Morgans and wrongfully convicted black men and women across the country who find themselves 50% more likely to be falsely accused and imprisoned for crimes they didn’t commit.

The track was produced by Thovo Beats and mixed by Knox Ketchum off of Ketchum’s “Free Game” mixtape.

Stream this track on the Soundcloud link below NOW and peep out the dopeness.



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