RocNation tries to finesse Texas artist Beatking for his hit song “BDA” [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE]

beatking 1

Houston, Texas is home to many different things. The Houston Texans (depends on who you ask), Astroworld (which is closed now but happens to be the title of fellow Texas rapper Travis Scott…but more on that later), Screw tapes, Rap-A-Lot Records, Beyonce Knowles and a slew of SUCCESSFUL independent rappers.

Houston is also home to rapper Beatking who is better known by his moniker as THE CLUB GOD (cue Godzilla sound) or more recently, Texas Uncle Luke.

Beatking DEFINITELY has the underground clout and more importantly the CATALOGUE that many artists would die for. He has a buzz that spans all over the state of Texas and beyond. He has been featured in the Rolling Stone magazine. He’s had big singles like “Stopped” that premiered on MTV. Also, he was one of the first artist to use his online platform to create undeniable parody freestyles that ended up turning into bonafide hits.

His particular brand of parody freestyles became instant classics like Ebola, G-RealSharkeisha Freestyle and You Going Back To Africa (Donald Trump Freestyle). His most infamous freestyle came by way of an assist from Atlanta, Georgia producer Remix God Suede titled “You Name It” that has set off every Thanksgiving since its release and even charted on Billboard. (Sidenote: I still think that Suede & Beatking should do a full length project called the “Remix Club God”. Just saying.)

But, recently after the release of his much anticipated follow-up project with Memphis’ own Gangsta Boo titled Underground Cassette Tape Music Vol. 2, Beatking has been tangled in a conflict of sorts.

Let’s be honest: Beatking has alot of people biting his style these days.

This isn’t the first time. A few weeks back, Beatking had to speak on the eerie similarities between his mixtape series titled Astroworld 2 and Travis Scott’s latest LP, Astroworld.

The song in question now is  “BDA” which is a Beatking song that has grown beyond the underground.

On IG yesterday, Beatking did an almost out of character post calling out Miami based DJ and Heavy Hittaz DJ EFeezy, his artist Pilly Mae and RocNation for trying to steal “BDA” from him.

He says that he was contacted by EFeezy months earlier to do a remix of the track that never materialized. Then, he was contacted again by EFeezy telling him that he had an artist by the name of Pilly Mae that was feeling track, did a remix and RocNation wanted to buy the track from him for $10,000. He let him know that Pilly Mae was supposed to be apart of one of the upcoming seasons of Love & Hip Hop.

Also, EFeezy told Beatking that if he sold the rights over to RocNation his vocals would stay on the song but he would get no additional royalties outside of the initial $10,000 payment.

Do you think Beatking did the right thing? Check out the Pilly Mae version of BDA below & let us know what you think?



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