Geechie Boy Nailz & L’Daialogue DiCaprio- 1744 [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE] [NEW MUSIC]

1744cover (ORIGINAL COVER)

Under the Mason-Dixon line, its alot of different states with alot of different flavors. Alot of states have connected musically within the region but not quite like this. 

Charleston, South Carolina’s own Geechie Boy Nailz & Memphis, Tennessee’s own L’Daialogue DiCaprio connecting is one of the dopest things to happen to the South in a long time.

Keeping in line with the diverse history of the deep South sound in all its elements is producer Rick Flare. 1744 has songs that can start out as smooth as “Finna Go Down” & “Audition” and then just as quick, can get turned up with tracks like “No Shine 4 U Succas” & “Spoiler Alert”

This project has features from High Ruler King Cane (2DEEP), Babi Memphiz Mac Head both hailing from Memphis & former Hypnotize Mindz affiliate T-Rock hailing from Atlanta, Georgia.

Its finally time to create another legendary musical South connection through this project, 1744. Press play and vibe out. Check out the links below!



Geechie Boy Nailz & L’Daialogue DiCaprio Presents 1744


01. Finna Go Down
02. No Shine 4 U Succas feat. T-Rock
03. On Mines feat. High Ruler King Cane
04. Audition
05. Ooh Wee Killin Em
06. Spoiler Alert feat. Babi Memphis Mac Head
07. Stage Fright (Reprise)

All Tracks Written by Geechie Boy Nailz & L’Daialogue DiCaprio
All Tracks Produced by Rick Flare for Beat Arkitekz
All Tracks Mixed & Arranged by L’Daialogue DiCaprio & Rick Flare

(c) All Rights Reserved 2018

Contact: @MechanizedRonin / @ldaialogue





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