New Jersey’s own Beeb, the graphic designer/illustrator and front-lining emcee of the Guerilla Publishing Company (GPC) crew is back! His latest project is titled “The City Ain’t Safe” is definitely a problem.

Don’t believe me? Peep out what Beeb has to say:

First off I would like to thank The Guerilla Publishing Company – GPNYC mainly Elespee Elohiem and and Prospek(pyramid tapes) y’all kept me alive and that’s no joke. I told the homie I was fucked up and needed to rap , he still hasn’t stopped sending beats….. HipHop has literally saved my life again , please accept my words as payment……Without further ado we introduce “The City Ain’t Safe”

Check out the link below. Also don’t forget to peep out Beeb’s merch store that got some pretty cool items from the GPC vaults.


“The City Ain’t Safe” Apple DOWNLOAD Link:

Also, here’s the link to the Essential GPC Collection Collectors USB:


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