Mr. J’ai x L’Daialogue DiCaprio- 50 Spindlez (Remix) [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE] [NEW MUSIC]

Mr. J’ai & L’Daialogue DiCaprio’s 2020 critically-acclaimed release PLUGGED IN hit these online streets smack dab in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic. The music from that project was HEAVILY streamed due to the tracks, TGIF and Beignets (Been YAY) on sites like Tik Tok and Spotify.

Now, the 2 are dropping the official remix to another critically-acclaimed track off of the project titled “50 Pack Spindlez (Remix) (Produced by MiZUnderstatistic).”

This song is a jam-packed obviously with J’ai and L’Daialogue but it also features their Tygah Woods/J-Squared comrade J-Dubble, Eupham frontman Lyrikill & Big Rube-esque Tygah Wood member Coke LaGrande.

This song is sure to set your weekend off so stream it ASAP from Audius Music, Bandcamp and/or Audiomack.

The full length remix project titled PLUGGED IN: The Remixes is coming soon! Links are below!!!



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