B-High: How One Atlanta DJ Is Quietly Documenting Memphis Rap History by D.M. Becton [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE] [NEW VIDEO]

b-high PIC

Article by: D.M. Becton

These days it is really hard to find a DJ on the radio that can keep your attention without all of the gimmicks and gossip. It almost protocol to be on the radio and talk about everything but music. But one DJ is breaking the mold on radio and beyond.

That DJ’s name is B-High.

Brian ‘B High’ Hightower is one of the hottest DJ’s at Hot 107.9 FM in Atlanta with ties to DJ Drama’s Aphilliates movement (as a producer on Gangsta Grillz Radio) and Sirius XM Radio. He has the internet buzzing these days and for good reason.

With a resume of that caliber, you can also add: Southern rap archivist to that list and its all because of B-High’s YouTube channel.

His YouTube channel is the Southern antithesis to many channels & podcasts that claim to represent Hip Hop but always seem to fall short when it comes to the in-depth coverage of Southern rap from a historical perspective.

What is great about B-High’s channel is that he not only focuses on many new and up-and-coming artists but he focuses on legends of Southern rap music that are generally ignored by mainstream media.

His interview approach is very informed and it always seems to flow seamlessly as many artists open up to B-High as if he was one of their homeboys or friends that they have known their whole life.

Another thing that caught my attention is that B-High is a lover of underground Memphis rap music. Many of his videos featured not only the newcomers from Memphis but legends from like DJ Paul (of Three 6 Mafia), Tela, 8-Ball, Skinny Pimp and Playa Fly.

His channel is like holy manna from the sky for fans who have wondered about those rappers who are truly the pioneers to what is being played on the radio and popular music today.

In conclusion, I would suggest that you definitely check out his YouTube page and watch all of the videos especially the ones highlighting Memphis’ finest. You will be glad that you did.

* Note: This article was originally published on the old ThaOvaground.com site HERE


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