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Memphis’ own High Ruler King Cane & L’Daialogue DiCaprio, better known as the group 2Deep has had a productive 2018 with their critically accalimed LP, My Whole Team Is King dropping in August of this year. They are back at it again with another full length project entitled ANNAKNOCKKEY.

ANNAKNOCKKEY is an elevated contination of their last LP as they delve deeper into their North Memphis neighborhood with a play off of their local slang “anna” (a shortened form of the word ‘animosity’), “knock”(a slang term for bumpin’ music) and “keyz”(meaning their sound is the ‘key’).

The production on this project is handled by their in-house crew: The Clazzikal Clazzik Team which is MiZUnderstatistic, newcomer Kill Politicianz & L’Daialogue DiCaprio with the track “On Mines” produced by Rick Flare.

The musical direction on ANNAKNOCKKEY is one of a grittier analogue texture that puts you in the mind of a Memphis underground cassette in the early 1990s. Sonically, this project is pushing the limits even further sound wise than My Whole Team Is King. This project is underground Memphis to the core.

On ANNAKNOCKKEY, tracks like the hypnotizing “Don’t Wanna Die”, the gangsta walkin’ influenced “Super Duper Buck”, the Godfather influenced “Enemiez List”  or the cautionary “To Ya Lady” is showing that Da’ Pharoh & Da’ King are levels above these average rappers just like the ancient Annunaki of old.

If the myths of the Annunaki are correct, the movements of style, sound and rhyme will untimely find its way back to through this Bluff City duo.

Check the project out below!!!


01. AnnaKnockkeyz Niburu North Memphis Intro
02. Super Duper Buck
03. On Mines
04. Don’t Wanna Die
05. Enemiez List
06. To Ya Lady
07. What U Said
08. Stomach Flat
09. Low Key (Radio Edit)
10. Mane What
11. AnnaKnockkeyz Niburu North Memphis Outro
12. Super Duper Buck Pt. 2 (Lil Noid Phonk 1995) feat. Been Rotten

All Tracks are Produced, Mixed & Arranged by MiZUnderstatistic & L’Daialogue
DiCaprio for Affillieated Vischunz/DRDP/Green Leaf Productions & Reba’s Furst
Born (ASCAP) except:

On Mine- Produced by Rick Flare for The Beat Arkitekz

Cover Design by @KiloDesigns

All Rights Reserved (c) 2018




SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/album/08fHekQuKctgp8vNeddkmw

*GOOGLE PLAY: https://play.google.com/store/music/album/2deep_Annaknockkey?id=By7u74tj2rytmfqjjmo7ki3z6gm

* ITUNES/APPLE MUSIC: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/annaknockkey/1445240524?app=itunes&ign-m

* TIDAL: https://tidal.com/browse/album/99888191



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